Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 3 - Love Is In The Atmosphere

Doxx and Powers renew their marriage plans, this time of their own volition.

Tempest bonds with The After-School Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Kid Dynamo Resonates for the first time. All over the boy’s dorm.

Spinel Tap goes on a date with the world’s cutest Rebel.


I wanted to be good, to live up to being the Champion of Good. I don’t know if I can do this.

I tried to apologize to Cosmos for the way I’ve been treating him. He started talking like he was thinking of raping me, maybe, and planning to murder me, definitely. I had to walk away and count to ten million to avoid beating the shit out of him, because that didn’t seem like the best apology. It really made me wonder whether I can be Good.

Kid Dynamo told our ethics class all about our abductions and champion offers from law and chaos, etc. When they asked if he was the only one, I had to speak up, because I thought that’s what Good should do. We all had to talk to the Principal, who’s a vampire, which is awesome.

I asked Rebellion out on a date. I guess I thought I might like him because I got all protective of him when Powers tormented him on the first day of class. Scoop helped me dress appropriately, but not really, because her idea was to wear a cap like the one she likes. Spooky wanted me to wear a dress like the ones she wears. Scoop’s sister turns out to be GGEZ. Got a nice blouse and snug jeans, and Powers helped me get it in time.

Rebellion took me for a walk around the city, showed me all his favorite Starbucks. We tried to go to the top of a building, but the wouldn’t let us when we asked. He got pissed off, almost lost control. I kissed him, and he turned all the way into a plushie – SO CUTE!

We went to the Doriotos building. They were cool with a member of Team Bold hanging out on the roof. They even gave us a pair of tour guides to treat us nice and nasty to keep him around the same. That’s too messed up, though. I can’t date him if it means I have to be mean to him or it makes him weak.

He wanted to pay, or eat out of dumpsters. We ate for free at Doritos, and I don’t think he noticed I was doing that so he wouldn’t feel bad about not having much money.

I already know it’s not going to work, but I don’t know how to tell him. If I’m mean, it could make him go hazard. If I’m nice, he’ll turn into a stuffed animal. He’s a toy that came alive. I bet if we ever had sex he’s turn back into a stuffed animal and never come back.

I want to talk to Norman about it, because he always knows how to listen and what to say, but I can’t talk to him anymore because I broke up with him.


((Excerpt from Bobby’s super-secret-notebook-that-no-one-ever-sees))

School friends:

Brian: My roomie. Always got my back. Apparently he just got an upgrade for ‘his place’ which includes a talking computer named Ellen.
Naif: Hugged me out of nowhere at lunch the other day. I know it was just a friend thing but it was really nice. And embarrassing. I hope people don’t think we’re a thing now.
Misty: Broke up with her boyfriend and before I could even think if I wanted to get together with her, she’s going out with Rebellion. Boom. Just like that. It’s so easy for her. I wish I could just make women go out with me like that.
James: Still ditching class on a regular basis. I have no idea how he thinks people will think of him if he keeps acting like this all his life. I guess he’s been spending a lot of time online.
Beatrice: Still looking out for me. She’s really nice. I think Naif is trying to set us up. But she’s not into me. She thinks I’m weak and lame.
Paige: New girl, Serafina’s friend. She’s in 1-B. She seems nice.
Cameron: Haven’t heard much from him lately.
Destin: Has been acting weird lately. But mostly still the same.
Cosmos: Big developments here. He actually talked to me. Like directly to me not because of school. He wanted to know why I was hiding my power. He told me I was strong. Called me a soldier. Apparently that means something in the Cygni. They have a caste system and soldiers are the powerful ones. But he was actually kinda nice to me. I’m going to see what ‘fracturing’ is like.
Preston: Coolest guy in 1-A. I think he’s been helping Cosmos get used to humans. He so should have been our class rep. He’s doing all the things Destin should be doing.
Marco: Always eavesdrops on all the conversations at lunch. I can always tell where the good stuff is going on by looking at what he’s looking at.
Rodney/Rodnette?: I don’t know what her real name is. Or if it’s still ‘Rodney.’ The Narcisses are their same selves.
Jack: Going out with Misty now. She just walked up to him and went: You. Me. Date. Tonight. And he was all “duh. Okay.”
April: Been hanging around with Misty a lot.
Serafina: New girl. She is SO pretty and popular. I have zero chance of actually getting her attention. I was hoping we would be in the same art group together, but I got put with Beatrice and Cosmos. We made a statue. Cosmos picked what we were making and Beatrice picked the material. So it was a good project.
Skysong: She’s from 1-C (with Toro) but she’s totally the opposite. Skysong is shy and pretty, not obnoxious and ugly. We ‘resonated’ with Spaceman, so now I know a LOT about both of them. She’s a servant caste. Or at least she was. I think she like won the lottery because her actions saved Spaceman’s life back on Cygnus. I suspect if it weren’t for that, she wouldn’t be able to come here for school. She’d probably still be serving food and washing clothes.
Spaceman: Part of the same resonation thing with Skysong. We turned the whole boy’s dorm blue with energy. They said it was one of the best they’d seen. I think it’s because I’m an alien…at least to them I am. He’s a ‘saint’ caste. That means he’s a very important guy. He might be a prince or an ambassador or something.
Alice: Still really creepy until she turns off her powers. Once they’re off she’s gorgeous. While they’re on she’s terrifying. But she’s always really nice no matter how she looks. Destin’s really lucky she likes him. But then, Destin’s just really lucky. There was talk of inviting her into our team, but I argued against it just because I don’t like the fact that she’s connected to Destin. Well, not just that. But also, I think the group is good the way it is. Those guys stuck up for me at Blackwell. I don’t know if she would.



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