Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #4: Revelations Part 1 - The Light of Day

Ms. Chroma assigns 1-A to paint a mural for Art Class. The Bold choose a controversial subject.

Druid, concerned for his friend Boost, asks The Bold to make sure he’s all right.

Class 1-A and Class 1-B face off in a friendly team battle competition.


We broke into groups to make a mural for art class. I suggested we do something political – make a statement about changing things for Hazards. It’s unfair the way they are given only two horrible choices – death or pacification – instead of getting the help they need.

Hazards aren’t criminals – they’re people with abilities that cause harm. Obviously those that use such abilities on purpose to harm should be punished, but those who just want to be able to live a normal life should be helped to do so. James Powers can shut down super-power abilities. So can the villain Silencer.

We have people with some of the best scientific minds that have ever lived on the planet. Why are none of them working on this? Why is progress toward power-nullification technology nonexistent?

Kid Dynamo immediately pooped on the idea. He said the subject was too sad and impossible to make inspiring. Two seconds later, he came up with a cool way to represent the issue artistically, even if his art was total crap on toast. I don’t know if he’s a chauvinistic jerk who just didn’t like that the idea came from a girl, or if he just specifically didn’t like the idea because it was mine.

He ruined gym class, too.

We had to fight with kids from Class 1-B. Not sure what this was supposed to teach us, since there was no instruction given. The superior teams just trounced the inferior teams and that was that.

Kid whined about having to do anything. He’s all like “I can’t! I might hurt someone! I’m not safe!” If only there were a controlled environment where he could safely practice control, like a school full of badass teachers. Oh, wait. We have that. He must just be too powerful for them, even the gym teacher who rewrote the world with his magic rings. I guess we’re all doomed because he’s so amazing and yet incompetent and out of control with no way to practice without destroying the entire flipping world.

News flash: he controlled his powers just fine, and did a fantastic job against the totally untrained idiots from the other class.

By the time it was my turn, I was in a bad mood and looking forward to the opportunity to hit somebody. Doxx paired up with me and we were set against Kid Dynamo’s alien boyfriend Spaceman and some healer named Eros. We don’t need to discuss strategy, because we’re on the same page – we’re going to win. We start by messing with them psychologically. They introduce themselves, and Doxx makes fun of Eros’s creepiness. I just glare at them like the dead meat they are.

Kid ruins it again, butting his stupid head in and being all “OMG! You’re doing it wrong! You’re supposed to introduce yourself.” That wasn’t in the rules. He wants us to do it that way because it’s polite. Polite doesn’t win, and my plan is to win. I’m going to destroy them.

I don’t want to know their names, because I don’t want the distraction of liking them or caring about them. That only makes it harder to destroy them, that only makes it harder to win. That’s not a mistake I make anymore.

I don’t remember exactly what I said to Kid at that point, but it basically was along the lines of “Go fracture yourself.”

Doxx took off after Spaceman and gave him a pounding. I walked up calmly to Eros and offered him the chance to surrender as I cocked my arm back casually. he didn’t take it, so I smashed his face. Eros started using his healing ability on Doxx’s wounds, so Doxx immediately switched tactics without my having to say anything, and instead of crushing his body, crushed his soul. He submitted immediately. I gave Eros another chance to give up, and he took it this time.

Then the fool immediately asked to be my friend. I didn’t know what to do. My brain was still amped up for battle and I still kinda wanted to break him, but the fight was over. I told him to ask me later.

Then I went off on the teachers for how stupid the whole exercise was. As good as it felt to dominate the other class, I can’t imagine how they learned from that. We promoted our after-school martial arts training. I hoped Eros would show up for that and I could teach him how not to be hit in the face and broken like a rag-doll, but he didn’t bother showing up.

I thought it would feel good to win, but it just felt hollow and empty. And the way Kid Dynamo treated me like a monster really hurt. Why? It’s not like he knows anything about the world. He’s just a stupid kid who even has “kid” in his stupid name.

This school is confusing. It feels like it doesn’t have anything to teach me, certainly not about the things Mistress Mayhem covered. I’m so far ahead of everyone else there it’s pathetic. But Kid Dynamo makes me feel like there are other lessons I’m supposed to be getting that I just don’t.

Do I even have what it takes to be a hero? Or am I already too far gone and destined to be a villain because that’s what Mistress Mayhem trained me to be?


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