Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #4: Revelations Part 2 - The Shadow of Doubt

Eclipse sends a hit squad after Norman, who is saved by an unlikely ally.

The Bold train their bodies and minds; gaining even greater power.

Tempest receives a chilling recording.

Endeavor outruns destiny.


I forgot all about RebelLion! He’s been so happy since our date that he’s been stuck as a plushie ever since.

I broke him. Made him weak. Made him vulnerable and incapable of defending himself. I was already feeling like total garbage about that when Kid Dynamo basically told me I fail at human decency.

It’s so messed up. Because I care about him and don’t want him to get hurt, I had to say mean things to RebelLion to try to provoke his powers into kicking in. I threatened him that not only would I not be his girlfriend, but that I couldn’t even be his friend if he couldn’t take care of himself.

I didn’t mean it. Maybe that’s why it didn’t work. Or maybe I did mean it, because of what happened with Norman.

I didn’t want Norman to know I had told Mr. Please that I would hold him accountable if anything bad happened to Norman. For two reasons. One: I didn’t want Norman to think that meant I cared enough about him to want to get back together. I mean, of course I care about him, but getting back together would be a mistake. Two: I didn’t want Norman using me as a safety net to excuse taking stupid risks and putting himself in danger because he felt certain I would always save him. Because of course I would, but if I ever failed… I couldn’t live with myself if that happened, and so I didn’t want him ever testing it.

But he tested it anyway, and went off investigating Eclipse. And got caught. Mr. Please had to rescue him, and people died in the process. I know I should feel really bad about that, but all I felt was relief that Norman was okay, and anger at him for putting himself into that situation. I was a total bitch to him, hoping to discourage him from doing anything like that again, because it’s easier to have him hate me for acting like a bitch than it would be to have to go on living knowing I got Norman killed.

Powers got the information Norman had learned. I didn’t really want it, because again I didn’t want to reward him for nearly getting himself killed taking stupid risks by following up on his leads like he wanted. But I also didn’t want to not follow up, and possible let bad guys get away with their evil plots just because it was inconvenient for my relationship troubles. The whole situation sucked, and I don’t know what the right choice was, but I hope following up was it.


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