Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #4: Revelations Part 3 - The Sins of The Past

Tempest watches over his mentor.

Powers is hired for an appropriately shady job.

Spinel and Doxx return to Nirvana, with RebelLion.

Dynamo gets a visit from his not-so-secret admirer.

The Eclipse’s message echoes through the city.


Tempest gets a secret message from his friend, and his artificial intelligence girlfriend makes it clear she doesn’t trust the rest of us, but he does, and he invites us to help save the man whose old base we’re using as our headquarters.

I’m reminded of Carnelian. This is the way he thinks – moving people like chess pieces. Moving me by moving the people around me to force me down the path he wants me to take, the only path I can take. But why? Has he escaped and he’s trying to reconnect with me? Is Mistress Mayhem directing things, using Carnelian’s brilliant strategic mind to get me back? Either way, I can’t let my new team walk blindly into a trap – a trap for me where they are expendable. I can’t let them get hurt not knowing what’s happening, so I share my fears.

It’s a mistake. Kid Dynamo yells in my face that not everything is about me. We should be focusing on helping Tempest’s friend and mentor, not jumping at my ghosts. He’s right, too – even if Carnelian is behind all this, there’s only one direction to go: forward. If it’s a trap, we must deal with it, but wild speculation is only making us weak with indecision.

The old base is horrifying. Dead bodies and parts of bodies are strewn about. There’s no sign of Tempest’s friend. We are ambushed, but they introduce themselves first instead of directly attack to take us out. Kid Dynamo is the one who ends the conversation by blasting them with his power. There’s only three of them – not fighters, clean-up crew. We turn them in to Aegis.

Tempest blows up the old base – it’s compromised now. I opt to walk home alone. Maybe some fool will try to attack me when I’m looking vulnerable by myself and I can beat someone up. Instead I find RebelLion dumpster diving and we walk together for a bit. Then my feather glows and we go to Nirvana together, where Angelica sets RebelLion up with a tutor. He tries to make me make decisions for him, but I insist he choose for himself.

The people Doxx broke out from under the lake of glass are forming an army. They want to be like us and free others. The Glassbreakers Army.
I think about Crystal, Sapphire, and Carnelian and realize I still have glass to break, too. I try not to think about Ruby. Balfour tells me his origin story and I comfort him with words from long ago, “Together we are stronger.”

Back home the next day, there’s a big deal made about Raging Bull getting a message to us to say thank you. We talk way too much about whether we should let Doritos know about it (like they don’t already know?) and decide to tell them, and to tell them we want to help change things for Hazards, too.

Then Eclipse sends their message, a terrorist video with what appears to be Hustle held hostage. They hypocritically promise justice for all the “crimes” because they don’t understand irony.


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