Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #5: Tidal Wave Part 1 - Maelstrom

Powers makes a delivery.

Spinel spars with Cosmos.

Doxx goes shopping.

Dynamo receives a visit from Spaceman.

Tempest witnesses the darker side of Endeavor.

The Maelstrom is born.


I’m not sure I can trust Endeavor. He kills people without remorse. He uses us, like Norman tried to, only he’s good at it. He shares things with Tempest that he doesn’t want shared with the rest of us. I mean, if they’re lovers, that’s cool, I don’t really want to know the details. But I don’t want him driving wedges of mistrust between our teammates. When LN refused to allow me to do research, it really hit home that Endeavor can’t be trusted and maybe because of that neither can Tempest. It’s bad if you can’t trust your leader.

It’s bad enough that Kid Dynamo is more concerned with his homework on a Saturday than about stopping villains. His heart is not in the super-hero business, because he’s afraid of his powers. That makes him too timid to practice and learn to master them, which could backfire on us all.

And James is a loose cannon. He is pathologically opposed to authority. Tempest should make James temporary leader and let him screw things up to teach him the importance of being on the same page and working together, but he’d probably just fail and think it was funny.


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