Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #5: Tidal Wave Part 2 - Undertow

Dynamo meets his idol, Serafina.

Tempest struggles with conflicting loyalties.

Doxx investigates the mysterious organization, Zodiakos.

Spinel reunites with The Prince of Lions.

Powers is drawn even deeper into the Maelstrom.


Cosmos makes me sad. His powers make it so no matter how badly I hurt him, he can heal himself and is physically fine. But emotionally? Mentally? He’s far from fine. He enjoys that I can hurt him. I wonder what he thinks he needs to be hurt for.

Rebellion has finished his training. He’s not weak. He’s hotter than ever now, though his way of seeing the world is still a bit weird. I don’t think he’s at risk for becoming a Hazard any more.

Eclipse is crazy. They protest the killing of Hazards as wrong by torturing and killing people. That’s beyond stupid and hypocritical. We all have to stand against them. We’re going to get the rest of New Heights together and explain how and why and hope they can help in whatever ways they can.

GG found some stuff about Project Gemstone. It’s looking like it wasn’t the S-6 Aegis bad guys behind it, but the Meek. More hypocrisy from different terrorists. GG says she could get more if she works with Info, but I’d rather not share everything with Mr. Please. GG thinks she may have found Mistress Mayhem’s old base – the one I crawled out from – it’s unlikely there’s anything still there, but it’s a start.

The kids from a school played a game of “If you could only save one, who would you save?” They’ve obviously never had to face such a choice for real or they wouldn’t find it cute or fun. I can’t stop thinking about Ruby now or wishing there were something more I could have done to save her. And I don’t even know if the rest of them are still alive. When I tell them I don’t like the game, they chalk it up to embarrassment over admitting which guys I think are cutest. I don’t bother to explain.


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