Kid Dynamo (Bobby Redmond)

Average boy infused with alien energy


Bobby Redmond looks like a normal kid. He’s handsome, has blue eyes, nicely combed blonde hair and a beautiful smile. He’s not perfect, but he really tries. Normally he dresses in a school uniform complete with jacket and tie.

Kid Dynamo, on the other hand is a glowing superhuman ball of cosmic energy ready to help the hopeless and bring the wicked to justice. His suit is very colorful, fading from orange at the top to blue at the boots. He’s covered pretty much head-to-toe except for his hands and face, which shine brightly when he powers up.

Hair: Blonde/White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 172cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: O
Date of Birth: 01-Jun-2000
Power Classification: Paragon (under evaluation as a hazard)


Bobby was born with the help of alien energy. His mother was having very serious problems with her pregnancy. Fortunately his father knew people at AEGIS and someone there pulled some strings and got some alien help to keep mother and baby healthy until Bobby was born. They knew that something odd was likely to happen, but they felt it was worth the risk. And so far, they still think so.

When he was younger, his parents took him to karate lessons in an attempt to give him an outlet for any kind of pent up aggression. This also taught him structured breathing, discipline and a lot of other things that allow him to have a more normal life than a lot of others with his classification.

Bobby looks and acts like any other normal teenager. But beneath his normal smile is the knowledge that if he loses control, he could accidentally hurt or even kill someone in a blast of cosmic energy.

Kid Dynamo (Bobby Redmond)

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