Spinel Tap (Misty Martinez)

Latin-American girl who was augmented by Mistress Mayhem


When Misty was 10 years old, she was abducted. Her captors, led by Mistress Mayhem, put her through a regimen of martial arts training, presumably in an effort to turn children into tomorrow’s super-soldiers.

Her diet was supplemented with performance enhancing experimental drugs, giving her faster than human reflexes, strength, and stamina.

Misty compartmentalized, remembered her original family, and pretended to be the perfect little soldier while always waiting and looking for a way out. It came too late.

She pretended too well, and qualified for Phase 2. She was submerged in an experimental chemical solution that altered the very molecular structure of her body, hardening her bones and her skin and transforming her cells into a pink crystalline structure that is one of the strongest, hardest, most unbreakable substances known on Earth.

She panicked and broke out of the machine they used to change her. In a blind rage, she smashed her way to freedom.

There was no home to go back to. Maybe Mistress Mayhem killed her parents when she took her. That would make sense, to strip the little child soldiers of any attachments. Or maybe her parents got taken, too, and who knows what Mistress Mayhem is doing to them? Or maybe they just went into hiding after what happened, unable to rescue their daughter, and afraid of crazy super-villains. Misty hasn’t been able to find them again.

She went into foster system, spent a few years with foster-mom Lucia Garcia, and went back to school.

Her best friend, and first boyfriend is Norman, a blogger to whom she has shared her darkest secrets of her past.

Spinel Tap (Misty Martinez)

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