Ability to control air; Master of lightening and thunder


Tempest is very new on the heroic scene. He is a natural leader with a very good working knowledge of the heroes he fights with and the villains he fights against.

He appears to be in his late teens. Standing at 5’ 5" and appearing to weigh in at around 140 lbs. This might be a result of the suit he wears.

Tempests suit is a deep blue that mimics the sky on a clear day with white lightening bolts on his chest and running up both sides of the suit. The suit appears to be made of an advanced poly carbon alloy that resists bullets and the occasional high velocity impact with the ground.

Tempest also has a utility belt form which he occasionally pulls various tools.


Tempest is a master of Air. Able to fly and hurl lightening and thunder.

In spite of a playful nature, Tempest has an astute mind and canny detective abilities.

Located in his utility belt, Tempest has a number of forensic tools at his disposal.


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