Sidekick of Endevour


Tezla appears to be a young teen. He stands just over 5 feet and weighs 115 pounds. His costume is in shades of grey that mimics thunder clouds. His suit appears to be a poly carbon alloy armor that not only resists bullets but also high velocity impacts with the ground when his rocket pack glitches. He wears goggles and a mask that seems to work as a breather and alters his voice.


Tezla first appeared at Endeavors side three years ago. Tezla appears to be able to fly with the aid of an advanced rocket pack located under his cape.

Tezla also appears to throw lightening with the aid of powered gauntlets. Tezla has been heard to complain that he has not been able to figure out how to suppress the resulting thunder that accompanies his lightening strikes.

Many have witnessed Tezla expertly working a crime scene with Endeavor and pulling forensic tools from his utility belt.

Tezla has not been seen in the company of Endeavor for two months and Endeavor has made no comment on the matter.


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