Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 3 - Love Is In The Atmosphere

Doxx and Powers renew their marriage plans, this time of their own volition.

Tempest bonds with The After-School Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Kid Dynamo Resonates for the first time. All over the boy’s dorm.

Spinel Tap goes on a date with the world’s cutest Rebel.

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 2 - Nirvana

When Doxx opens another strange e-mail attachment, the group finds themselves stranded in a grotesque realm filled with horrors.

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 1 - Please Patrol

Acting on a ‘lead’ from Norman, The Bold embark on their first Patrol. They learn much through trial and error; Foremost being the universal rule of every patrol and stakeout: Everything is incredibly boring and uneventful… until it isn’t.

Issue #2: Fifty Shades Of Blue Part 2 - The Blue and The Bold

Team Bold eagerly awaits final authorization on their Doritos Corporate Sponsorship. Meanwhile, school is finally back in session. Class 1-A engages in a "Team-Building Exercise" in the form of a Capture The Flag game. Kid Dynamo hides his true potential. Doxx becomes best friends with a nice girl; shortly after smashing said girl's face in. Spinel executes a Shoryuken (Forward, Down, Down-Forward). Powers shuts down a force of nature. Tempest soars over the battlefield.

Everyone witnesses a different side of Chance.

Issue #2: Fifty Shades Of Blue Part 1 - Blue Da Ba Dee

After successfully defending the city from Raging Bull, Team Trouble takes a short break while New Heights Academy makes preparations to reopen. Tempest gets a call from Endeavor. Spinel and Norman patch things up. Powers has lunch with Scoop. Kid Dynamo receives a surprise visitor. Doxx finds sorrow even in happiness. Will Team Trouble finally get a new name and label?

Brought to you by Doritos.

Issue #1: Wrong Place, Right Time

Team Trouble (Tentative Title) is late for school on Orientation! Somehow, this works out perfectly for them. With the city's best heroes trapped in a barrier of light, and the city's top agents trapped in a barrier of shadow, it's up to the tardy delinquents* to save the day.

*Except Tempest. Everyone just thinks he's a tardy delinquent because of his choice in friends. Poor Tempest.

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