Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #6: Bloody Sunday Part 2 - Sunrise

Doxx, in her Moment of Truth, leads the allied forces to victory against The Eclipse army.

Powers, in his Moment of Truth, shuts down the greatest threat The Bold have ever faced.

Dynamo gives his all, despite his fractured heart.

Tempest doubts his ability to lead.

Spinel doubts her ability to follow.

Mr. Please decisively ends hostilities.

Raging Bull finds peace, at last.

Issue #6: Bloody Sunday Part 1 - Sunset

The Bold prepare for a student rally to raise awareness for Hazards.

Tempest prepares his speech.

Powers earns a promotion.

Doxx visits Nirvana.

Dynamo’s heart ignites.

Spinel storms into AEGIS.

Later, under the setting sun, The Eclipse begin their crusade.

Issue #5: Tidal Wave Part 2 - Undertow

Dynamo meets his idol, Serafina.

Tempest struggles with conflicting loyalties.

Doxx investigates the mysterious organization, Zodiakos.

Spinel reunites with The Prince of Lions.

Powers is drawn even deeper into the Maelstrom.

Issue #5: Tidal Wave Part 1 - Maelstrom

Powers makes a delivery.

Spinel spars with Cosmos.

Doxx goes shopping.

Dynamo receives a visit from Spaceman.

Tempest witnesses the darker side of Endeavor.

The Maelstrom is born.

Issue #4: Revelations Part 3 - The Sins of The Past

Tempest watches over his mentor.

Powers is hired for an appropriately shady job.

Spinel and Doxx return to Nirvana, with RebelLion.

Dynamo gets a visit from his not-so-secret admirer.

The Eclipse’s message echoes through the city.

Issue #4: Revelations Part 2 - The Shadow of Doubt

Eclipse sends a hit squad after Norman, who is saved by an unlikely ally.

The Bold train their bodies and minds; gaining even greater power.

Tempest receives a chilling recording.

Endeavor outruns destiny.

Issue #4: Revelations Part 1 - The Light of Day

Ms. Chroma assigns 1-A to paint a mural for Art Class. The Bold choose a controversial subject.

Druid, concerned for his friend Boost, asks The Bold to make sure he’s all right.

Class 1-A and Class 1-B face off in a friendly team battle competition.

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 3 - Love Is In The Atmosphere

Doxx and Powers renew their marriage plans, this time of their own volition.

Tempest bonds with The After-School Mixed Martial Arts Club.

Kid Dynamo Resonates for the first time. All over the boy’s dorm.

Spinel Tap goes on a date with the world’s cutest Rebel.

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 2 - Nirvana

When Doxx opens another strange e-mail attachment, the group finds themselves stranded in a grotesque realm filled with horrors.

Issue #3: Paradise Found Part 1 - Please Patrol

Acting on a ‘lead’ from Norman, The Bold embark on their first Patrol. They learn much through trial and error; Foremost being the universal rule of every patrol and stakeout: Everything is incredibly boring and uneventful… until it isn’t.


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