Tag: Law


  • Tempest

    Tempest is a master of Air. Able to fly and hurl lightening and thunder. In spite of a playful nature, Tempest has an astute mind and canny detective abilities. Located in his utility belt, Tempest has a number of forensic tools at his disposal.

  • Tezla

    Tezla first appeared at Endeavors side three years ago. Tezla appears to be able to fly with the aid of an advanced rocket pack located under his cape. Tezla also appears to throw lightening with the aid of powered gauntlets. Tezla has been heard to …

  • Brian D. Anderson

    Brian is a product of the system. Orphaned at a very young age, he has been moved from one foster home to another; from one school to another over the years. In spite of this constant upheaval, he does very well in school, showing a very eclectic set of …