Tag: Mayhem


  • Sapphire

    Abducted by Mistress Mayhem and trained with Misty. Could he have escaped during the chaos when Misty did, or is he still under her thrall?

  • Crystal

    Another child abducted into Mistress Mayhem's evil plot to create super-soldiers, trained in martial arts with Misty. Could she have escaped, too, or is she still working for the mad scientist?

  • Carnelian

    Top of the class of the involuntary recruits of Mistress Mayhem's child army, Carnelian excelled at martial arts and was the best tactician in the group. If anyone else could have figured out a way to get out of her clutches, he could have. But would he …

  • Ruby

    Ruby was the youngest member of Carnelian's team. She died during a training exercise that was impossible to win without sacrifice. Carnelian devised and implemented the strategy that included her sacrifice and the team "succeeded." Her death is Misty …