Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #6: Bloody Sunday Part 1 - Sunset

The Bold prepare for a student rally to raise awareness for Hazards.

Tempest prepares his speech.

Powers earns a promotion.

Doxx visits Nirvana.

Dynamo’s heart ignites.

Spinel storms into AEGIS.

Later, under the setting sun, The Eclipse begin their crusade.


I had to check on Norman. He’s a fool, and he used me, but he’s the one person I’ve always been able to talk to about everything. Nobody knows me better. Besides, with the news that Aegis has corrupt factions, I need to prove to myself that he’s safe there.

I get Powers to take me there. We only get in because of his parents, which is a flaw in their security, because he and his parents don’t even like each other, but whatever. The important thing is they let us see Norman. They don’t pretend he’s not there or refuse to let him see me, so points for them.

It’s all heavily guarded and monitored, so more points for them. My confidence in his safety goes up a little bit.

If he didn’t want to be there, I would have kidnapped him to Nirvana. But he insists he’s good here, so I’m going to treat him like an adult and take him at his word. If he’d given me even the slightest hint he wanted out, I’d have gotten him out of there and to hell with the consequences.

I try to see if he has any more intel on Endeavor. He not only doesn’t offer anything, but he tries to turn it around and grill me for information. Journalists. This is a dead end. I may not trust Endeavor, but I don’t want to get Aegis after him by accident. If he deserves it, then sure, no problem throwing Aegis at him on purpose. But only if he deserves it, and not by accident.

It was probably stupid to try getting in to him before our pep rally. What if they had tried to hold us there? We could have missed our own show.

The rally goes better than I expected. Our message is fairly well received, and despite my expectations, Eclipse doesn’t attack the school in the middle of it.


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