Halcyon Days (The Perks Of Being A Paragon)

Issue #6: Bloody Sunday Part 2 - Sunrise

Doxx, in her Moment of Truth, leads the allied forces to victory against The Eclipse army.

Powers, in his Moment of Truth, shuts down the greatest threat The Bold have ever faced.

Dynamo gives his all, despite his fractured heart.

Tempest doubts his ability to lead.

Spinel doubts her ability to follow.

Mr. Please decisively ends hostilities.

Raging Bull finds peace, at last.


We were wrong.

We tried to find a third option, but we failed.

Eclipse almost turned us all as evil as they are. In the end, they made us just as bad as Aegis.

What if there isn’t another way? What if trying to do what’s right by everyone means being weak and vulnerable to those who would hurt us and take advantage of us?

Powers and Doxx wanted to kill Miss Fortune. We had her subdued. Powers had her luck suppressed. Maybe it would have ended it all. Maybe it would have all happened the way it did if they’d killed her only Powers would have died too? I stopped them from striking a killing blow, which let her attack Powers, which broke his concentration, and then the cat-demon-god thing used Kid Dynamo’s lack of practice with his powers to blow us all up.

I died. Dynamo is powerful enough to rip me apart despite what Mistress Mayhem did to me. And he did. Not on purpose, but he did.

Angelica tried to protect me to save me from it by taking on the damage onto herself because I’m her warrior for Good. But so are Doxx and Tempest, so she took three nuclear blasts to the face. We killed her. She saved us.

When the blast stopped, Miss Ninja was still alive and the cat left her because she grabbed Powers to shield him. I didn’t want them to kill her anyway, so I grabbed the feather and tried to jump her to Nirvana where she could be healed and be delivered to justice properly. It didn’t work. Does that mean I’m not good? Does that mean Angelica is dead? I don’t know.


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