Combat Tactics In Halcyon Days

Combat and conflict are an unfortunate reality for all Heroes, whether Skilled, Perk, Paragon, or Hazard. Naturally, different powers allow for unique opportunities and tactics in combat situations. In certain cases, a lack of power can be a motivational drive for Heroes (or Villains) to improve their capabilities through other means.

The Skilled

The 'Skilled' Classification was created to serve as a more positive version of the colloquial term 'Meek;' referring to individuals without Superpowers. It has been further defined to specifically describe Heroes or Villains that can match the capabilities of Supers using technology, intelligence, or martial prowess. Ironically, this more specific definition has now left regular Unpowered civilians without a better alternative to 'Meek.'

The majority of Skilled tirelessly train their bodies through physical exercise; often having more rigorous training regimens than Olympic athletes. They often combine this physical training with experience in martial arts disciplines, weaponry, and firearms.

Technology is another crucial asset for The Skilled. The most effective among them utilize numerous types of Gadgets; whether created by their own hands or by others. A common pairing is a Skilled Inventor supplying a Skilled Combatant. A Skilled who can both fight and maintain their own technology is a truly fearsome opponent.


Despite being the largest demographic in regards to Superhumanity, Perks live in the shadow of Paragons. With the exception of Hazards, they also have the most difficulty securing Corporate Sponsorship. Paragons have the most appealing, significant powers to dazzle audiences with. Even Skilled can easily be packaged with the image of a Dedicated Underdog in the tradition of stories such as David and Goliath. Perks, however, are considered bog standard Heroes with boring powers.

The difficulties Perks face have collectively made them hardier, more clever, and more creative. Taking a page from The Skilled, natural physical strength and martial arts training are fairly ubiquitous among Perks. They often combine martial arts techniques with their own powers to form a unique style. 

An oft-discussed topic is the phenomenon of "PREP Misclassification." That is, the assignment of Perk Classifications to those capable of Paragon-level power. With the inherent bias against certain subtle or less ostentatious powers, this is a common occurence.


Paragons are what the majority of Unpowered think of when they hear the word "Superhero." They are considered to be blessed with magnificent power and nobility; and thus a head start in all walks of life. The truth is far more complicated, of course. Not all who earn a Paragon Classification have gained their powers voluntarily or painlessly. Paragons are also the most likely, among current non-Hazards, to be labeled under a Potential Hazard Designation due to their extreme power.

It is rather common for most Paragons to solely rely on their respective powers to win battles. They are seen as 'big game' to Skilled or Perks, and those of lower Classification train specifically to take them down. Despite their power, a Perk or even Skilled triumphing over a Paragon is not exceedingly rare. Paragons who rely on their power and eschew tactics or proper training can find themselves out of their element against more experienced or dedicated opponents. Conversely, a Paragon who truly invests time in practice and study can become unrivaled in combat.


Hazards are unfortunate souls cursed by uncontrollable and inherently dangerous power. Once Identified and Designated, they are given a cruel choice: Pacification or Termination. Pacification entails lifelong confinement, surveillance, and treatment. Termination is self-explanatory.

Hazards are not measured in combat capabilities so much as destructive capabilities. In terms of raw devastation, they are unmatched. A single Hazard, Meltdown, destroyed an entire district and many of the people in it before Termination. Once known as Halcyon's Old Town, the abandoned area now has the grim moniker of "Little Chernobyl." Few cared that Meltdown had been merely running through the district crying for help.

In truth, Hazards are the most victimized of all Superpowered individuals. They have no control over their own powers nor their own destiny, and, if found, have no control over their own lives. Political appeals for Hazard Rights often fall on deaf ears, and Hazards themselves are not even allowed to be a part of it. Only sympathetic individuals of other Classifications are allowed the right to speak in their defense. With the great number of deaths caused by Hazards, accidental or otherwise, such sympathy is rare.

Combat Tactics In Halcyon Days

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