Observations of Issue #2: Fifty Shades of Blue

1. On reviewing the official camera recording of Class 1-A's Capture The Flag exercise, the footage differs greatly from Doxx's personal recording. All displays of wild, unleashed power are replaced by extraordinarily convincing doctored footage of 'mundane' power usage. Of note, every instance of such doctored footage coincides with a seemingly random glow from Mr. Wu Xing's 'Metal' Ring.

2. In an unexpected twist, Cosmos seems to be displaying less hostile behavior. He never says or does anything particularly friendly, but Scoop spots him talking to Druid and even sitting next to him at lunch.

3. Norman posts a blog entry entitled "Please Tell Us The Truth" exposing certain elements of one 'Mr. Please' activities in the Docks District.

4. Doxx receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note: "Won some free flowers. Not sure how or why. Anyway, I wanted to send these to you to apologize for your jaw. Very sorry. – Chance"

5. Spooky receives a beautiful bouquet of flowers with an entirely different note.

6. Powers receives a Battle.net Overwatch Friend Request from GG EZ.

7. Endeavor's Dead Man Switch continues uninterrupted, for now.

Observations of Issue #2: Fifty Shades of Blue

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