The Last Night At Blackwell Academy

I was on my way home from the arcade. I walked past the school and I saw there were people in there. They saw me too. They were bullies .They started picking on me and calling me names. They were really mean. They had powers. One of them knocked me down. I ran towards the nearest building. It was the gym. The door opened and James Powers stepped out along with Misty and Doxx. They told the bullies to leave me alone. Then Tempest flew in and ordered everyone to remain calm. That’s when the fighting really started. I told them I didn’t want to fight and I ran into the building. There were flashes of light and I heard the doors slam and a window break behind me. I started to glow. I didn’t want to, but I was scared. They all called out after me, saying the coward had powers. They called me super-chicken. There was more fighting, and then one of them tackled me. She grabbed me and dove into the pool with me. I was really freaked out. I couldn’t breathe. I tried to scream, but the water hurt my nose and my chest. I struggled, but it was like being tied up, she was so strong.

That’s really the last thing I remember; sinking, being held tight by this bully. When I woke up I was wet. I was still at the bottom of the pool, but there was no water in it. It looked like an earthquake hit. I heard James and Misty arguing about who was going to give me mouth-to-mouth. Tempest was flying down to get me, but I was breathing fine. I remember seeing a huge hole in the roof of the building. He told me that’s where I blew the girl who was holding me. He pulled me up out of the pool. Everyone was wet. The windows were gone. The bleachers were collapsed. Misty said they all ran when the pool blew up. I told them I didn’t remember what happened.

I don’t know what they were all doing at school that night. But I’m glad they were there. We heard sirens. Tempest told us things were about to become unpleasant. I didn’t argue, but I don’t think anything could be less pleasant than drowning. He told us to stick together and tell the truth and that things would be better for us. James obviously thought he was completely wrong. But it was kinda nice having other people who saw what I saw. So when the cops showed up and separated us, I told them exactly what happened. This story here.

Kid Dynamo (Bobby Redmond)

The Last Night At Blackwell Academy

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